Interviews and more interviews

The new year has kicked off with a bang, or perhaps more appropriately, a question. Lots of questions, in fact. We've been on a run with interviews, asking lots of questions to our guests. Topics have ranged from prescription medicines to the value of a college degree and seemingly everything in between.

On location interview in Austin, TX
On location interview in Austin, TX

We've been using a variety of cameras for these interviews. Some clients have specific requests, others leave it up to us to choose. We pick the camera that best suits the type of work involved and either pull from our in-house gear or we rent from one of the video rental houses in Atlanta.

Filming interviews with the Canon C30
Filming interviews with the Canon C300

Our current in-house selection includes the Canon C-300, Canon 5D Mark III DSLR and the Sony EX-1R. Depending on the project, we can usually use one of our cameras rather then needing to rent gear, saving the client money on the production.

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Working with the Auburn Avenue Research Library

We're excited to be working on a series of interviews for the Fulton Public Library system and their Auburn Avenue Research Library. We've conducted four interviews with local authors, architects and artists and will be editing the videos for display as part of the rotating exhibitions in the library.

Location interview with Atlanta artis
Location interview with Atlanta artist

We look forward to seeing our work on display when the library reopens later this spring.

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One call webcast

We recently completed a three day project for a client that included providing all staging, pipe and drape, in-room TV monitors in addition to the full crew, camera, intercom, audio, switcher and gear necessary for a live streaming event. One call to Forrester Media allowed our Washington, DC-based client to arrange the entire production. Here are a few photos from the setup of the webcast.

Setup underway with pipe and drape, LED lighting for the drape, staging and 70" monitor at front of room.
Staging with chairs, podium, lighting and monitor in place.
Three cameras, room monitors, PA system and chairs in place.


Camera shot on in-room monitor during testing.

Forrester Media can supply most any equipment or support gear needed for an event, conference, training session, educational seminar or other gathering for a live or recorded presentation. Our new partnership with Abracadabra Video provides access to monitors, PA systems, projectors, and many other items needed for the growing Atlanta meeting and convention marketplace. Call us for details and how we can assist on your next event. 770-226-9250 or visit

Answering the call

My grandfather was a volunteer fireman a century ago, so I suppose there's always been a little bit of firefighter blood in me. When Atlanta Fire Rescue approached Forrester Media about producing a new video to be shown at a conference, I was fully involved (pun intended).

We spent five days conducting interviews, visiting firehouses, filming b-roll and even going on a couple of calls with the firefighters, all to capture the footage needed for this important presentation.

The video was shown at the Fire Rescue International conference held in Atlanta in August during the opening keynote.

It was a privilege to work on this project and honor the men and women that keep Atlanta safe.


Fast and Furious Air Fresheners

I'll admit that this was a sweet project. Literally. Fast and Furious has an extensive line of air fresheners and wanted to reach out to new distributors with their first video production - and we were happy to help. We spent a day at their Atlanta facility filming all the different elements required to develop, manufacture, package and ship their line of products. And the sweet smell of their facility made it almost intoxicating! 

I'll also admit that I've become a believer in their product. They let us pick our favorite scents to try and they work. Often one pump is enough to eliminate an odor or freshen the interior of a car. Say goodbye to the old pine tree air freshener hanging from your rear-view mirror and give Fast and Furious a try.